Best collaborative features

for small and medium businesses
under one roof.

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Regroup and conquer

Your employees jump from one software to another, losing precious time launching and logging in everywhere. cloud&more offers SMEs the best technologies under one roof. One login, one URL, one place.


With remote access to all of your data, collaborate in real-time and get instant feedback from any device. Integrate partners or customers with ease! Optimize workflow while reducing administrative overhead by integrating various systems through this one interface - you'll be able to do more without spending so much time on individual tasks anymore.


Seamless communication with your team members and clients. Secure chat solutions while integrating audio/video conferencing capabilities. Webinar recording tools to share the meeting directly from where it takes place - right there in real time!

Get it done

Edit documents with coworkers online and design workflows to free your teams from recurring processes. Keep your files organized, up-to date & within budget!


Manage clients and business relationships

We are not just another company that offers CRM or BRM solutions. Our custom-built systems have no code changes and are customizable and scalable, to quickly increase your customer base without licensing issues!


You can finally have everything in one place, within Canada. You are no longer dependent on several third parties for your data security! This way there's no risk that your information will leak.
The best part? We are fully GDPR compliant by design, which is currently the highest data privacy and protection regulation existing.

Train your team

Fully integrated E-learning platform that will include web conferences and secure chat capabilities based on modern platforms used by universities around the world.

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We keep your cyber-information in Canada.

We're leading the way for cloud hosting industry standards so that everyone can regain control of their data.