Imagine: you regain control of your data.

With a customizable, affordable, out-of-the-box cloud solution for all business and organizational needs, you're in control of your business. And all these tools? You can find them in one place.

Imagine: you migrate from all the different tools you are using right now (DropBox, Google Drive, Slack, Zoom, Doodle, HubSpot, AWS, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp …) into one solution. Hugo can help.

Simplicity: you no longer need 10 different cloud solutions and you no longer store your data in multiple locations. And as a result, you reduce your digital carbon footprint by 80%.

With cloud&more your imagination becomes reality!
We guarantee regional/country data storage and PIPEDA, GDPR and HIPAA compliant privacy by design.

Leading-edge technology.

Solutions are based on products that are well-tested. cloud&more owns its own IP rights and builds usable packages for businesses based on well-accepted and state-of-the-art open-source solutions.

We integrate promising solutions into your existing portfolio and expand your networking and communication options seamlessly by ensuring you always have control of your data.

All solutions are vetted by an expert from our team and have our seal of approval to become part of the Hugo © product and solution.

Normal SaaS products are risky solutions.

Most consumer-grade and cloud solutions, as well various CRM, ERP solutions were not designed with privacy regulations and security concerns in mind.

All these service providers use your data for business analytics and marketing purposes and store it in data centres across the globe, meaning that different governments own your data.

Enterprise IT workloads may be processed by Cloud Providers liable to the US CLOUD Act, meaning your business data can be leaked on orders from the US judicial system, often without disclosure to you.

cloud&more is the only platform for true Canadian technology, the alternative to the “social dilemma” of owning your data.

Our business promise.

cloud&more Hugo © products and solutions can be self-hosted at any time.

We focus on building sustainable solutions and in reducing our clients’ carbon footprint We are challenging the conventional cloud hosting industry and the current status quo. We’re helping everyone regain control of their data in the cloud.

We are your ISP, provider, facility and service partner. Your data will always be yours.

Our unique approach ensures competitive pricing: you no longer have to pay multiple providers and or deal with user-dependant fees. We have a simple flat fee structure which not only saves you money and time, but it also lets you regain control of your expenses.