cloud&more helping NB start-up BoostEdu to ramp up!

We are always happy to help and when Ken from BoostEdu reached out to us with his needs, it was not a hard decision to start helping to get his technology stack online. Especially if we talk about education and kids more requirements need to be considered, one of them is to ensure 100% Canadian hosting. Moncton and NB is a hidden gem for that. With our platform OakBox we set up BoostEdu with everything he needs form Web and email hosting to a complete private-cloud collaboration and office suite including video calling and webinar solutions. So the technology stack went down from multiple suppliers to one cloud&more.
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cloud&more accepted as Qualified Technology Provider Digital Boost 2.0!

Digital Boost 2.0 is a program that helps New Brunswick companies in a wide range of sectors start their digital journey. The program will give funding to work with a qualified technology provider to create a digital strategy. Think of it as the roadmap that will guide your digital transformation journey. Along with technology recommendations, the strategy will look at other crucial areas of your business.

As a qualified technology provider, we create digital strategy and roadmaps for you!
Digital Boost 2.0

Are Business Emails Useful or Harmful?

I find it's best to think of sustainability as a journey: it's better to take a small step forward than to wait around for the 'big jump'. When it comes to sustainability, we can’t be back seat drivers. We need to take control of the wheel of our own journey. We can't just buy a ticket to our final destination unfortunately. I want to thank the Town of Riverview for inviting me to share a few tips on where businesses can start their journey towards sustainability. Like everything in life, every journey starts with an action, and that action can be a simple behavioural change.